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More than 40 years on the present location we are gathering rich experiences and lots of references in the field of high-pressure die-casting.  Our core business is producing castings from different aluminum alloys, nevertheless we are offering our customers technical support by designing the requested products. In the next step of product development we offer also our support by tool optimisation and by casting itself, what we couldn’t do without our knowledge and long years of experience in the high–pressure die-casting.

Our main customers are from Slovenia and EU, where Germany represents our main market. Apart from that we are also present on the other markets (i.e. Switzerland, Singapore), where we also make a part of our turnover.

Because of turnover and production growth we decided to invest in additional production areas not far from the existing location, where we already moved part of our production.

We are highly motivated in engaging optimistic, perspective people, that are eager to learn and get new experiences. Our goal is to make them passionate for high-pressure die-casting, to be curious and to search for new ideas and solutions. We are aware, that for development of a company a mixture of young potentials and experienced workers is very important. This is a way to transfer the knowledge, skills and rich experiences  to younger generations.  One of very important tasks, that we lay stress on, is team work, as well as to motivate  each and every single individual in the company.

Short history

The very beginning of our company  goes back in the 60’s of previous century, when the company IBTchose actual location to establish a plant, which was producing metal parts by gravity casting and pressure casting. But the real beginning of high-pressure die-casting goes in 1974, when the first high-pressure die-casting machine was installed. At the end of 70’s of previous century the company was taken over by the company Talum from Kidričevo near Maribor (Slovenia), one of the important producers of aluminium alloys. In the beginning of 90’s of previous century the company exited the Talum concern and that is the point, when we started our succesful, autonomous and independent business path.


Plans for the future

Aluminum is regarded as the branch of the future. And this also reflects in our future plans, which are daring and courageous. Big part of our turnover is assigned to be invested back in machinery, infrastructure, improvements, but we are also aware, that most important is methodically educating new co-workers, but also permanently educating existing co-workers. Generally,  investing in employees has big priority and is considered as the key feature to fulfill our daring plans.

Telkom d.o.o. is a member of associations:

Slovenian Foundrymen Society
Lepi pot 6
1001 Ljubljana

GIZ ACS, Automotive cluster of Slovenia
Dimičeva 13
1000 Ljubljana

Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce
Poljanski nasip 6
1000 Ljubljana